Why should everybody have a tailored wardrobe

A tailored wardrobe equals slow fashion and sustainable choice for you and the environment.

Can tailored fashion change the world? Our answer is Yes! Change the fashion industry with us. Tailored is a lifestyle where everybody is a winner: you, who are wearing our clothes, the tailors and our planet. Because tailored fashion is sustainable for the environment.

Being stylish is wearing clothes with a great fit that make you feel comfortable in all situations, from that crucial job interview to your day off. Tailor Store offers a wide range of clothes for a complete wardrobe: shirts, suits, blazers, chinos, polo piques and outerwear.

Your tailored clothes are sewn in Sri Lanka in our own mills which employ about five hundred people. A good work environment, good wages and no child labour are all equally important to us. When you wear a garment from Tailor Store, you can be confident that it is produced under good conditions.

Our planet’s resources are limited, and yet we’re still wasting them on a daily basis. Tailored fashion is slow fashion, which stays with you. Stock sizes and fast fashion equals over-production and strains the environment. We are not a part of this. Tailor Store offers classic garments in classic cuts, but we are also very on trend and modern! Fabrics and personal details are left for you to decide. It’s our privilege to make your wardrobe personal and tailored.

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