Our story

Our story

Tailor Store was founded in Sweden in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs with an idea to sell custom tailored dress shirts online. With their knowledge of modern IT technology and design they started this website, sending measurements and orders to a local tailor in Sri Lanka. Since then the company has grown significantly and today owns and operates its own manufacturing with a focus on high quality and social responsibility.

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Perfect fit guarantee

Tailor Store proudly brings you the ultimate experience in confidence, comfort and peace of mind.
If you are not satisfied with the fit of your garment we will adjust and replace it for free. No returns needed.

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Our fabrics

Tailor Store offers a wide variety of high quality fabrics for our custom tailored garments. Everything is carefully selected to offer you fantastic clothes at unbelievable prices. We offer many different categories, from luxury business fabrics to comfortable casual varieties. What's your favourite?

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In-house manufacturing

The traditional fashion industry is constantly in pursuit of higher profit margins, conveniently forgetting about core social values such as worker compensation and working conditions. We refuse to be a part of that. All of our garments are produced in our fully owned and operated plants in Sri Lanka. We directly oppose child labor and our employees people are well compensated and treated with respect.

Sustainable fashion

We offer a sustainable way of ordering and wearing fashion. All of our CO2-emissions are compensated 100% by planting new rain forest in Sri Lanka, making the company carbon neutral. Our production facilities are reviewed and certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which ensures very high standards, both socially and environmentally. An added perk is that our clothes are not "fast fashion", but something you can wear year after year.

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