Tuxedo shirt - Black Tie

Style Guide - How to wear your shirt the right way

Tuxedo shirt - Black Tie


The secret of a successful party attire lies in the details. This definitely is valid for your tuxedo for which you can vary the shirt to create different looks. In the upper half of the shirt the collar is in the center. Choose a classic wing collar for a sophisticated and elegant look. Match a black bow tie to the wing collar. Either let the collar ends rest above the bow tie so that they stand out as two "wings", hence the name wing collar, or choose a lower collar so that you can tuck the wings behind the bow tie. That way you will have a more trendy varianty. Since the 1930s, choosing a cut-away or turndown collar is also seen as an accurate and modern choice and a less formal alternative to the wing collar.


Below the collar is the front placket of the shirt is in focus. Select a tuxedo placket to get a sophisticated and upscale feel with a pleated front. A more relaxed style is achieved by selecting a straight and plain front without grooves. No matter what front you should think of a tuxedo shirt should never have breast pockets.


The last part of a tuxedo shirt is the cuff. Here things are fairly simple. A French double-folded cuff should your choice so you can wear your tuxedo with a pair of stylish cufflinks.

How to get the perfect black tie shirt look

Use a girdle/cumberbund in black silk and avoid belts, if necessary suspenders are preferable. Also keep in mind that your watch will either have to have a black leather bracelet or be in steel/gold (not brown or other colours). Choose lacquer shoes or extremely well-polished, shiny black men's shoes with a thin leather sole (rubber sole is taboo). In the breast pocket a white handkerchief, preferably in silk, should be worn. Please note that your socks should not be in cotton and, last but not least, make sure they are not too short.

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