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Tailor Store Business Shirts

Venture Forth, Seize the Day
To excel in business and life, dress for the job you want. To stand out in any field, it is essential to make an impression and capture the attention of your seniors, juniors and peers. For that reason, we strive every day to deliver into the hands of our customers, the very finest made-to-measure business shirts.

Our success has been fuelled by our unique understanding of business professionals’ specific needs. Time is precious, and precision is critical, hence we streamlined the traditional tailoring process, leveraging the very best technology to replicate, and advance upon, a centuries old craft.
Every business professional knows the rush of confidence from dressing sharp. The pride of a crisp tie, the assuring grip of dashing cufflinks, the elegant fit of a bespoke business shirt.

Make it yours: Personalize every detail of your tailored business shirt with our easy-to-use shirt designer.

Wear it your way: With or without tie, contrasting or matching cuffs, buttons and threads, a Tailor Store made-to-measure business shirt will always give you the edge.  

For the ultimate professional ensemble, pair your tailored business shirt with a Tailor Store made-to-measure suit and then accessorize with a tie, pocket square and cufflinks.