White Oxford shirt

White Oxford shirt

Gondomar, white

USD 99

An elegant white Oxford shirt in durable oxford weave cotton fabric. Match with blue chinos and a leather belt for the ultimate everyday outfit. Order our recommended design or customize it to your preference. Made to your measurements.

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Fabric Gondomar, white (100% Cotton)
Collar Cut-away Modern
Cuff Single button
Button Arezzo, ivory
Opacity Very opaque
Colour White
Pattern Solid color
Weave Oxford
SKU 26-12431

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"Wonderful work!!"

, 2022-05-12

"Good quality if you want a heavy fabric."

, 2022-04-07

"The Gandomar fabric is exactly what I was looking for to get work shirts made. This fabric is nearly identical to that used for RL Polo Oxford shirts. Holds a great crease, washes well, and has a great touch. It is 100% cotton, so I recommend adding .5-1” to all measurements for shrinkage."

, 2022-02-24

"love the selection of fabric. I ordered three costume tailored shirts and the Fabric is high quality."

, 2021-12-30

"Thought it would be a cleaner look. Feels rough and thicker than I thought."

, 2021-12-23

"Great fabric!"

, 2021-11-24

"A little rougher than I was anticipating, but good regardless"

, 2021-08-24

"Excellent fabric"

, 2020-10-07

"Fabric is heavy and looks creased even after ironing"

, 2020-09-25

"The fabric itself was nice. Heavy enough to drape nice, but very breathable - just what I want out of an Oxford Cloth. I rate it low because of the Tailor Store collar options. Oxford cloth shirts traditionally have soft button down collar with a slightly exaggerated roll. The button down classic is the closest thing Tailor Store offers to this. It is a 2.25" collar that sits very flat. I recently purchased a shit from a competitor that has a 3.25" collar with a nice roll to it - much more in line with what I want from an OCBD. I know this isn't strictly a rating for the cloth, but to me this fabric and the collar style I described are a package deal."

, 2020-08-27

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