Wing collar

This collar is made for either white tie or black tie shirts, and can be worn with a bow tie or a cravat. The collar ends stand out from the collar in small wings that rest on the bow tie or cravat. This collar should be fully buttoned and fits best with a newly ironed crisp white shirt combined with a tail coat for example. In other words, this is a true classic for weddings and other occasions where formal attire is required.


The collar is believed to have originated in the early 1900s when it was worn by the British King Edward VII.During World War I, the collar’s popularity fell, and it was used only for formal occasions much like today.

To keep in mind when designing your shirt

This collar must be buttoned and fits best to a freshly ironed white shirt worn together with an evening attire. In other words, a classic for weddings or other more formal occasions.


    Collar height, back:4 cm

    Collar ends, front:5 cm

    Collar stays:none